Savage Love: Not your average app

When Kevin Goldman requested Integrum build the Savage Love application, the assignment must have appeared fairly typical – build a web application that can be easily ported to other platforms. Integrum mobile developers Kyle Stewart and Roy Van de Water had no idea what they were in for.

The Savage Love mobile application allows fans of the column by the same name to access Dan Savage’s unique discussions from any platform.

“You’d never know what you’d read or see each day,” said Roy. “It made the development process interesting to say the least.”

Kyle and Stewart tested on an Android phone, with development taking only two weeks. “Savage Love shows the power of mobile browsers,” said Roy. “Savage Love proves it’s a viable medium for Android applications.”

Additionally, the sleek design of the application by Goldman Designs assisted in keeping development time short. “We were fortunate to work with a company that provided great design,” said Kyle.

The Savage Love application is currently in beta, and will be available XXXX.

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