A peek inside Retrospective

Providing revolutionary software development that focuses on a human driven approach must start with our employees. We value constant communication and exceptional efficiency, values that exist not only with our client interaction, but within our own meetings.

In addition to having daily standups, employees gather every Friday for Retrospective. This is an opportunity for Integrum as a team to reflect on the week’s progress and discuss what improvements can be made for the next week. These meetings allow us to stay agile and adapt to our customers needs.

The meeting begins by each team member giving a thumbs up, thumbs down or a sideways thumb to express general feelings on the sprint for the week. Agile Coach Derek Neighbors then divides the large whiteboard into three areas, (+) (-) and the delta symbol. The (+) stands for behaviors or strategies we should start, (-) for stop and the delta for change. Team members pass around a ‘talking stick‘ to indicate their turn to provide ideas, promoting respect of everyone’s feedback.

Once the columns are full, voting follows to narrow down the feedback to what the team feels is most important to work on. Three or four topics are chosen and then open to discussion. Team members have an opportunity to clarify their opinions or ask questions. After another voting session, one smart goal is chosen for the next week and the team breaks out into smaller groups to focus on solutions. A SMART goal is defined as: specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and timely.

Retrospective ends with team members sharing appreciations – thanking other team members for their help during the past week.

Having a time for team reflection, such as a Retrospective, is a useful way to allow your employees a time to be honest with their coworkers, as well as keep the team solution driven.

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