Good to Great

We all make resolutions for the new year – lose weight, connect with old friends, train for that half-marathon.

What about being the best at your job?

Part of Integrum’s mission is to promote employee growth. Use of pairing techniques and weekly retrospective achieve these goals and are already cornerstones of the company. For 2011, Integrum is taking that one step further.

Head pragmitist and Scrum Master Derek Neighbors created a series of professional development classes for employees that are scheduled for Tuesday evenings. Employees receive professional development credit for each class they attend. displayed on a board.

Classes focus on current pressing topics and issues raised during retrospectives. Topics include issues like Commitment Driven 101 and Feature Development.

“I attend the classes because they provide a deeper understanding of our process,” said Director of Client Development, Chris Conrey. “I have better interactions with clients as a result of the professional development because I better understand what the developers are doing, and more importantly why.”

Step up to the mic.

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