Springboard Series Project

When Microsoft needed assistance building a Windows Phone 7 application to give users of the Springboard Series website access while on the go, Integrum was perfectly placed to assist.

Microsoft wanted to provide a easy way for users to stay up-to-date with the latest news and resources from the site. In addition, they wanted to group and present these resources in a way that mimicked what users saw on the site so it was familiar.

Chris Coneybeer was assigned the project, having joined the Integrum team in October to lead Windows Phone 7 efforts. “I really enjoyed using Agile methods to deliver the project on schedule to our client, as well as keep them involved and excited during the process.”

Integrum adapted the website using the new WP7 platform to provide a seamless transition for users. This included finding the best ways to present and group data inside the application, along with building a favorite system into the application to entice users. Combine that with the easy to use search function, giving users a powerful tool in performing their daily jobs.

“We faced a few challenges designing and laying out the app so that it was easy for users to navigate,” said lead developer Chris Coneybeer. “The new Metro interface and standard UI controls allowed us to give the users a really simple flowing experience, with a wealth of information at their fingertips.”

By having the Springboard for Windows app on their phone, IT Professionals will have the ability to see the latest news, articles and videos anywhere. Content is separated into the same Lifecycle Stages as on the website: Discover & Explore, Pilot & Deploy and Manage.

The WP7 application also provides the ability for users to search TechNet based on Keywords, Knowledge Base article IDs and Event/Error Codes which gives them a great tool for working in the field. Another great feature is the ability to save favorites inside the application for when users come across a great video, article or find a search result you want to keep for later you can.

The Springboard app went live on December 23, 2010 after Integrum’s first submission to the marketplace.

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