Breakfast of Champions

Working at Integrum can occasionally feel a little bit like attending camp.

Back in the fall, the Integrum team decided to switch to an 8am-5pm schedule, with 7:45am morning standup.

To encourage employees to arrive on-time and help get them going, Integrum leadership worked with local restaurant Yoli’s Cafe to serve breakfast each morning for staff members.

Each morning, Integrum employees walk through the back gate to access Yoli’s, anxious to see what delicious delights lie in store. Menu items range from oatmeal and sweet rolls to biscuits and gravy. The atmosphere occasionally takes on the aura of camp, as tables are moved to form one large table with benches for seats.

Taking care of your employees means they will take care of you. Partaking in french toast and sausage at the same time is just gravy.

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