Best Places to Work 2010

Integrum CEO Jade Meskill set out to create an enjoyable and productive work environment early in the company’s history.

Quoted in the Arizona Republic back in 2008, Meskill expressed his desire to “build a place I and everyone who works with me wanted to come to every day. I like to make people laugh and have them enjoy coming to work.”

That goal has been recognized by the Phoenix Business Journal in this year’s ‘Best Places to Work’ awards.

Integrum employees enjoy an open work environment, free of cubicles, to encourage interaction and exchanging of ideas. The pairing technique utilized by staff varies the work day, in addition to providing practice for employees looking to improve their skills in certain areas.

Of course, the access to video games doesn’t ┬áhurt either. Between stories, Integrum employees challenge each other to quick Street Fighter and Off Road battles. Even software issues are addressed with a little bit of fun. Staff members with a bug are required to wear a sombrero until the error is fixed.

And at the end of a hard week, Meskill and Integrum co-owner Derek Neighbors, treat employees to a team lunch at a location of their choosing. The Friday ritual let’s the team wind down, promotes camaraderie, as well as reminds the team their hard work is appreciated.

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