SoChurch: Building a communications platform

SoChurch approached Integrum with a unique idea on how to change they way churches interact with their members and the outside community. SoChurch seeks to streamline communication for churches by being a one-stop shop for websites, email marketing, as well as member engagement and event management. All they needed now was a software company to build the system.

Designer William Price saw the project as an opportunity to really hit a niche market. “The application SoChurch hired us to build takes what’s successful about social networking and applies those ideas to a new market.”

Of course, building an application with that many moving parts isn’t easy. Essentially, Integrum was tasked with building a large application that has as many features as Facebook, in only nine months. Programmers Chris Irish and Robby Colvin rose to the challenge, with the website and application set to launch by November 30, 2010.

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