Episode #55 – Lean Startup Principles and Agile

Featured speakers:

Clayton Lengel-Zigich Clayton Derek Neighbors Derek Roy van de Water Roy

Derek Neighbors, Roy van de Water, Clayton Lengel-Zigich, David Bland discuss Lean Startup principles in Agile:

  • Lots of companies dealing with unknowns
  • Product teams
  • Release early, release often
  • Validate,¬†Experiment, Iterate
  • Culture preventing engagement?
  • Executives communicate with teams
  • How to get the “C” level to change
  • Eric Ries “Lean Startup” / Steve Blank
  • Is it a panacea?
  • Radical culture problems abound
  • Confusion about what lean startup means
  • Risk adverse culture problems when you have golden egg to protect?
  • Alignment across enterprise
  • Cross functional teams
  • How do you maintain it?
  • Give freedom, be creative
  • Innovation team (I’m a special snowflake)
  • Executive support mandatory