Episode #33 – Agile Tweet Controversy

Featured speakers:

Clayton Lengel-Zigich Clayton Derek Neighbors Derek Roy van de Water Roy

Clayton Lengel-Zigich, Derek Neighbors, Drew LeSueur and Roy van de Water discuss controversial tweets.

@PMOObserver: “Always deliver what you commit to. No more; no less.”
@elizabethraley: “Scrum Rule: No Additional Requirements Can Be Added to a Sprint!”
@scrumology: “Comparing velocity between teams: Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything th…”
@rslawrence: “In case you missed it over the weekend: ‘Why Longer Sprints Probably Won’t Help'”
@rramirez4444: “What are the TWO best qualities of a good Scrum Master? #agile #scrum (non-SM respondants given more weight on this one..)”
@alechardy: “Purpose of sprint review is to inspect and adapt. Demo during review is to prompt inspect and adapt conversation.”