Episode #30 – Leadership and Finding Them On Your Team

Featured speakers:

Clayton Lengel-Zigich Clayton Jade Meskill Jade Roy van de Water Roy

Jade Meskill, Clayton Lengel-Zigich, Roy van de Water, Drew LeSueur and Chris Coneybeer talk about leadership and how you might identify leaders within your team.

  • A leader bring the people around him/her
  • Teams can have multiple leaders
  • Leadership is based on trust
  • People will step up to fill a leadership vacuum
  • What is the value in identifying the leader?
  • Having trust/respect makes it easier to lead
  • Improving the team can be to the short-term detriment of the leader
  • The more self organizing a team is, the less important the leader is.
  • Leaders are willing to take responsibility for the team