IBM CIO Study Suggests Collaboration is in Your Organizations Future

IBM released another CIO study “The Essential CIO, Insights From the Global Chief Information Officer Study“.  The study validates a lot of what we believe in offering a more human driven form of software development.  An approach that is much more holistic in it’s approach to collaboration and innovation within the organization.

Nearly three out of four CIOs with a leverage mandate expect changes to their internal collaboration processes to have high transformative potential for their organizations.  Internal collaboration and client interaction are their principal goals. “We need to cope with change by re-engaging with our internal customers in a more intimate way,” said one Government CIO in Australia. “The solution is part structural and part cultural.

CIOs have begun to recognize that transparency is key to success.  Nearly two-thirds of top-performing leverage mandate CIO’s identified sharing more information with clients as a key customer relationship initiative.  In addition it’s all about having the right talent, “We need our IT staff to be more business-centric to build trusted relationships with business units,” one Education CIO in Australia told us.

Collaboration is the key to Expanding focused CIO’s as well. “For CIOs in top-performing Expand mandate organizations, collaboration and integration are especially important. More than two-thirds of those CIOs said they would focus more on internal collaboration and communication, compared to less than half in underperforming organizations with an Expand mandate”

Amazingly two key principles of Human Software Development are Collaboration and Learning/Teaching. They also happen to be two of the linchpins for a successful CIO.  “Collaborate beyond what is currently imagined Get everyone talking, via new channels, on new schedules and with new tools. Teach and enable your entire enterprise to connect as often and as effectively as possible with their own most important stakeholders.”

We are excited to see that IBM has verified what we already knew.  If you are a CIO that is looking to transform, engage or pioneer in your organization we can help, just give us a call.


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