Integrum Hosts First Air Hockey Throwdown – Challenges the World

Our co-working office space Gangplank received an air hockey table courtesy of Ward from Drawbackwards. Being the fun-loving types we are, we decided to host a challenge cup style competition for local companies. In the tradition of Lord Stanley’s Cup, our SPAMly Cup will be available for display at the winner’s office until challenged and defeated.

The first challenge was redPear, a local development and design firm versus Team Integrum.  Three five minute games would decide who takes home the trophy.
Leading off for Integrum, Mike Cowden jumped out to a 4 goal lead only to cough it up to his counterpart developer Jeremy Merrill and lose by one.  redPear 1 – Integrum 0.
Next up in a battle of Chris vs Krys, redPear’s Project Coordinator took on Integrum’s Human/Geek Relations expert.   Krys VanSlyke’s air hockey skills were no match for Chris Conrey as the five minute game ended with a 7 goal deficit for redPear.   Match tied 1-1.
To settle this thing, the founders of these two companies stepped up to the table to do battle.   redPear’s Brandon Willey vs Integrum’s Jade Meskill.  Back and forth for five minutes, Brandon scored 2 goals for redPear, while Jade put 5 on the board for Integrum.   With Team Integrum victorious, Team redPear left vowing revenge.
Now for the fun part, Integrum isn’t going to sit back and celebrate our victory. We’re ready for anyone else who thinks they have the skills and the courage to face our team.   We’re looking at your Open Rain, Jumpbox, Tornado and anyone else who dares to challenge the champions.   Call us out on Twitter or email – we’ll be ready for it.

All photos courtesy of James Archer from Forty. See more at his Flickr Page. The SPAMly Cup donated by the lovely and talented Luz

4 thoughts on “Integrum Hosts First Air Hockey Throwdown – Challenges the World

  1. A warning to those who would challenge… he tried to make it sound civilized but Chris Conrey will roll-up and manhandle you on the air hockey table. I barely walked out alive… If i hadn't made him laugh with a well placed movie quote at just the right moment, he was poised to decapitate me with his next shot.
    I wish i was exaggerating.
    Beware, ye who would dare to challenge… beware.

    (but seriously, team redPear had a great time and integrum rocks air hockey almost as much as they rock rails… which is a lot.)

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