Gangplank Chandler

Innovation in action

Integrum founded Gangplank in 2007 to put their innovation experiment to work. What started as a few guys working in a back office has grown into a three collaborative workspaces that have spawned dozens of new companies, become a haven for entrepreneurs and creatives, and transformed the local economy. Now, it’s expanding to other parts of the state and the world. The movement is growing, and you can be part of it.

Gangplank is the new economic engine – one that thrives on trust, taking risks, collaboration, and most importantly, people. Instead of shunning the traditional corporations and government organizations that have stifled our culture, we embrace and engage them to be part of the change.

Transforming cultures and cultivating leaders isn’t just what we do for our day jobs. It’s our passion. It’s our calling. Anyone can say they’re innovators, but it takes a special team to actually do it. We’ve done it for major corporations, huge governments, and conservative companies around the world. Now, we have the experience and knowledge to do it for you.

See what others say about Gangplank

“In your career there are things you remember as ones where you were part of something that made a difference. The City of Chandler’s relationship with Gangplank is one of the things that I consider making the biggest difference in taking Chandler to the next level…one of the things that will make a difference for years to come.”
– Christine MacKay, Director of Economic Development for the City of Chandler

“What Gangplank offers me is a wonderful place to become the worker I know I am. It forces me to get out of my comfort zone. It reminds me that I make a difference.”
– Kathy Jacobs, Jacobs Training and Consulting

Changing Economic Development

Christine Mackay shares the significant impact Gangplank has had on the City of Chandler’s economic development.

Gangplank Innovation

Integrum leader and Gangplank co-founder Derek Neighbors shares his thoughts on how chaos and creativity can encourage innovation.