Michael Vizdos


Jade is passionate about transforming organizations of all sizes to recognize and embrace the latent power of their greatest resource — people. His success is built upon a foundation of maintaining trust, understanding the needs of individuals, and enabling teams to succeed on their own terms.

Jade offers clients his deep knowledge of Agile methodologies, team and individual behaviors, facilitation, organizational management, as well as a breadth of knowledge in technical best practices and disciplined software development.

Michael helps software development teams deliver solutions in the real world. He travels around the world teaching classes and speaking at conferences.

I maintain a blog and cartoon series about Scrum (an agile software development technique) which you can view at . This is a free service to the community and has a ton of great searchable content for teams to start some [possibly] difficult conversations.

Michael co-wrote a book a few years ago with Scott Ambler and another person (it is even translated in Japanese), and has been pretty active in the Agile Software Development Community since 2001 (and in the industry now for over 20 years).

I would not consider myself an “Agile Purist.” I help teams discover what makes sense to do in their specific situations. There are no silver bullets and most of this agile stuff is repackaged — and works — in many teams and organizations around the world.

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