Clayton Lengel-Zigich


Clayton Lengel-Zigich joined the Integrum team in November 2008. Clayton, or Clayto as he’s called around Gangplank, loves working at Integrum because his teammates always encourage him to go the extra mile. On a typical day, you can find him squawking about Scrum and dominating in NFL Blitz during his downtime.

Clayton is excited about the prospect of turning ordinary groups into high-performing teams. He enjoys reading books that encourage teamwork and positive collaboration, such as Mindset and Five Dysfunctions of a Team.

On the weekends, Clayton enjoys a good round of golf, smoking ribs in the backyard, and a whiskey neat. However, these have all taken a backseat since the birth of his daughter. Clayton and his high school sweetheart have been married for six years and just welcomed their daughter, Lainey, to the world in May 2011.

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