Plot Points on Google Maps Painlessly With Ruby on Rails

We have had several projects over the years that have needed to plot points on a google map.  Rails pre-1.0 didn’t have a ton of options and we always just dealt with the javascript directly as it wasn’t all that bad.  It was verbose, but not too painful.  We had talked about putting together a plug-in to abstract out the grunt work, but never got around to it.  It always seemed that enough time would pass between projects that the pain was never high enough.

Working a project this weekend I decided to check what options where out there and stumbled upon google_maps plugin by bhedana on GitHub.  In a few minutes I had it installed and rendering maps without any of the pain in setting up maps manually.  This plug-in gives you moderate control of the map.  You can customize controls, center, zoom, add custom markers and plot polyline routes.

If you are doing anything with plotting points on a Google Map in Ruby on Rails you should look at this plugin-in.  If you have a better plug-in for maps please let us know.

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