Who Do You Use For Hosting? SliceHost.

We often get asked, “who do you use for hosting?”. When RubyOnRails was pre 1.0 we were rolling and hosting our own because deployment was so vicious, but that was a time long ago. We have for some time been using SliceHost and couldn’t be happier. We have even created a script to automate setting up a rails stack on a slice, we should probably release that to the public. Slicehost is pretty cost effective for staging and sandboxes at under $25/month and scales decently while being affordable for production. However, the real magic of SliceHost is the fabulous service.

Often we will start a customer out on a small development slice on our SliceHost account. Then as things get moving and they get their own SliceHost account created and ready to go, we can very easily move a slice from our account to their newly created account, no interruption of service. Generally we submit a ticket and within 5 minutes we have a response and the slice is moved. It is hard to not recommend a company that is that responsive to your needs. SliceHost keep up the good work!  In fact, they just move a slice for me in less time than it took to write and publish this post.

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