Increasing Productivity and Accountability Through “Public Humiliation”

Oh no!

Over at Integrum, we are firm believers in developer transparency and accountability.  We also believe that we as people and developers are highly motivated to maintain our reputation in front of our peers.  We have created a highly visible information radiator that will not only inform the developers when their automated test suite is not passing, but will also allow the entire team to know about it.

We created a utility (integrum/bigboard on github ) to monitor our CruiseControl.rb feed and make everyone instantly aware of the situation.  The app is a JRuby creation written by our very own Logan Barnett running on a Mac Mini outputting to a 32″ LDC TV.  Logan will be appearing at JRubyConf (which we are sponsoring this year) if you would like ask him any questions.

(And before you ask, Matt Aimonetti, we’re creating a MacRuby version of bigboard as well 😉


All is well!

One thought on “Increasing Productivity and Accountability Through “Public Humiliation”

  1. I've read about a similar approach using lava lamps. Can't remember, think it was in some book. … I was very excited to use it with our Hudson, but my teammate didn't like the idea. Pretty sad! 🙁

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