Seriously, you’re not using Footnotes?

So, they tell me you’re not using the Footnotes plugin? And you call yourself a rails developer!

Maybe you’re a hardcore Linux, vi, or emacs zealot. There was a time when I’d give you a pass, but no more… there’s a reason they changed the name from Textmate Footnotes.

First off, I bet you’re still clicking through folders to find your views… or maybe you’re one of those optimistic folks that thinks they can find the “edit” partial in a project of 40 models, armed only with a command and T? Are you actually charging for this???

With footnotes, all you need to do is click the View link at the bottom of your page.

Next up, you’re probably alt-tabbing to the console to check the output of script/server. No, not command-tab, I am very much insinuating you’re a Windows user, because you couldn’t possibly be using a Mac without Textmate, and you wouldn’t dare use Textmate without footnotes.

Footnotes lets you see the log output for your request right in the browser. You can also see the session, params, cookies, filters, and database queries.

Finally, when you’re tracking down a defect, I bet you’re shuffling through files and line numbers like a monkey washing a cat… See how ridiculous that is?

With footnotes, the stack trace in your browser provides links to the exact line of your bug ridden code.

So please, there’s a cure for your addiction to yak shaving. The doctor has prescribed the Footnotes plugin. It’s going to give you a lot more time to focus on your code.

Comments are open… please pipe editor flame war posts here.

2 thoughts on “Seriously, you’re not using Footnotes?

  1. I was using footnotes and loved it until my application started producing odd errors. Sadly, I had to remove it. The functionality is great. Do you find that it is stable now?

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