Does your Rails app need a bailout?

Has your development team let you down? Freelancer flaked out on you? Is your Ruby on Rails application not delivering the business value you expected? Does your Rails app need a bailout? Everyone else is getting one nowadays, you deserve one too.


Integrum is here to help. Our talented team has many years of Rails experience; we’ve been around since the beginning of Rails. We’ve worked with extremely large and complex Rails applications. We’ve helped many of our clients out of a jam when their development team left them in a bad situation. There is nothing worse than having a deadline looming only to discover that your freelance developer or internal team is behind schedule, or as a new client of ours recently discovered – haven’t done anything in weeks! This is where we come in. ¬†We love nothing more than to help out people in trouble.

Please drop us a line at 888.999.1246, or turn on the Integrum beacon, let us help you solve your code abandonment issues.

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