Get Your Twitter On!

At Integrum we find Twitter to be an indispensable tool for communicating with co-workers as well as friends and family. We use it on a daily basis to keep in touch with each other and the Phoenix community, and to fend off that heavy burden of productivity.

While attending SxSw in Austin, TX we had an idea to create a Twitter application we like to call Props & Drops, aka. TwitterProps. We threw it together in under 2 hours with no knowledge of the Twitter API. In a session on scalability with Blaine Cook, we heard that Twitter was running a Jabber server that few people were taking advantage of. Of course, we had to try it!

In a few more hours we added integration with Twitter’s Jabber interface. And now, so can you!

Introducing TwitterBot

It slices, it dices, it XMPPses! SRSLY.

TwitterBot will connect to Twitter’s XMPP service and has a nice set of callbacks to deal with the different types of messages that twitter sends your way. It handles Direct Messages, Tracks (when they’re actually turned on), and your normal every day messages. Build an automated twitter bot to impress your friends, to auto-respond to your mom, to clean your room, whatever you can imagine and so much more (or less depending on if Twitter is up that day)!

You can find it on RubyForge.

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