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Integrum has been sponsoring hack nights at Gangplank every Wednesday for the last month. We have seen participation slowly go up over the last month with over 15 hackers at the event last night. The community environment, excitement and fun are exactly what we were hoping for and the thing we think will help unite the creative side of metro Phoenix. We look forward to continued involvement and hope to see you there in the near future. Special thanks go out to Curtis M who has dedicated his time to consistently make sure these events are happening!

Dana has been doing some video work for us lately in her spare time and has put together a fantastic viral for Gangplank hackfest night with only 3 minutes of crappy footage given to her.

Check out Dana’s series on an Outsiders Look at Integrum as well.

2 thoughts on “Hack with Integrum

  1. This looks quite cool. The link to Gangplank doesn’t say anything abut where it is though.

    Valley geeks should also know about the monthly Refactor Phoenix meeting (www.refactorphoenix.com) at Boulders on B’Way each 4th Wednesday of the month. The May meeting will be about Git.

  2. That sounds amazingly awesome. It’s really cool to see Integrum helping out other web developers in the community around them. Hopefully I’ll have time on my hands to come by soon, If that’s alright?

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