Acting Locally

Over the last year integrum has been searching for good clients to work with in the Phoenix area. We really love living and working in Phoenix and we want to help make a real impact on the area. Unfortunately that has proven much more difficult than we had imagined.

This year we are pleased to announce that we will be working with Valley Metro to assist them in creating some great new web tools that will allow local Phoenix riders have access to up to the minute information on their commute, bus routes, and eventually light rail. We are very excited to bring our Agile process and Rails-fu to this important and progressive public transportation agency, as well as being able to build something that will directly impact our friends, families, and neighbors in the Phoenix metro area.

We will be partnering with Forty Media, a Phoenix web design firm, and great friends of ours, to help with a strategic redesign of their site.

If you are a Phoenix (or Arizona) based company or organization looking for fast and efficient web application development, please contact us to see what integrum can do for you.

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