Introducing kthxtees!

At Integrum we have a lot of fun doing what we do. It seems like almost daily we come across a phrase or a concept that we all say would make a great t-shirt. At one point we started writing these “slogans” on the white boards around our office. Often times art was included with the slogan.

We finally broke down and said lets take a day and put up a site so we can make these t-shirts real and start wearing our creativity instead of just admiring it on the white boards around the office. So after much deliberation about what to call this venture we have launched kthxtees.

We realize that because we are doing print on demand that prices are a bit higher than if we created locally and held inventory, but honestly we don’t want to be a retail shirt vendor. We just want a way to express ourselves and let others share in the fun. If you have a shirt idea that you have always wanted done, drop us a line. If we like the idea we will try to design something and get it up in the store. We hope to release 1 or 2 new shirts per week. We certainly have a large back log of ideas from our white boards.

2 thoughts on “Introducing kthxtees!

  1. Hi Derek,

    We have a “quote board” where we put interesting quotes from our clients. It’s pretty much what you described but we never had the brilliant idea of putting the quotes in T-shits. I’ll soon copy your idea and get some T-shirts done too.