Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference

Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference

Last Thursday, I attended the second annual Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference. It was a great opportunity to meet a lot of people with interesting businesses and hear some great speakers. My notes are on my blog. The entire conference was recorded by Grid7, which is fantastic for people who couldn’t attend.

    The three things I brought back that I feel Integrum can work on are the following:

  1. Our Pitch – Everyone in the company should be able to clearly describe Integrum and our business in one minute or less. I think we’re very good at our pitch with people working in the Internet or in technology. I think we could improve our pitch so that people in other industries could understand us as well. You never know who is your next customer.
  2. Goals – Clear and measurable goals for Integrum in the short and long term. We’re really good at setting goals around improving our process or goals for a specific project. I think we need to think big and set goals for the entire organization too.
  3. Be the Expert – Market yourself as the experts simply by sharing your knowledge. Share via the web or present at conferences. The more you do, the more you’ll be seen as an expert. Integrum does a great job of being the expert around Rails and is actively contributing to the community by hosting the Phoenix Rails Meetings every month as well as writing plenty about Rails (see our blogs). But we are also really, really knowledgeable about Agile practices. We need to get out into the community more and be Agile experts.

One thought on “Arizona Entrepreneurship Conference

  1. Erica – What a great message – I am so glad you god value from attending the Secon Annual AZ Entrepreneurship Conference. Stay tuned for the THIRD Annual Conference – Coming in November 2008!

    Did you know that all of the speakers you met volunteered their time to support fellow entrepreneurs and all of the proceeds will go to provide entrepreneurial training for at risk popuations thru OTEF? Now that’s really cool!

    Joan Koerber-Walker
    Chairman, OTEF – host of the Arizona Entrepreneurship Conferences